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Free online file storage is easy to use and accessible. You can backup all your documents to a secure hosting location. Then you can access these from any computer or mobile device. For the most part, Web storage services are secure and let you backup various file types. This includes documents, videos, photos, and music. Many also allow you to create a personal online “space” to share files securely with friends and family. If you want to suggest a site for inclusion, or if you find an outdated link, please contact us. Thanks!

Sync provides 5GB of free cloud storage space with end-to-end encryption, offering a zero-knowledge storage solution for important documents, photos and videos. With dozens of features and sycronisation across devices, is one of the best providers we’ve seen to date.

If you want to ensure your documents remain safe and secure, you should consider some form of cloud storage, especially as a way to backup files. performs this role very well and has a user-friendly interface that functions on desktop PC, tablet, smartphone or via a Web browser interface. Since the service offers end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge storage, even the provider itself cannot access your data, making it safe and highly secure.

As the name suggests, also allows you to syncronise your files across all your devices, backup photos on the fly (ideal for saving your smartphone photos automatically), and securely share files with family, friends or colleagues. The provider offers a number of collaboration options that lets you work productively with others in your team.

Complete the quick online registration and you can begin storing your files right away. uses Canada for its server locations, which as the website reliably informs, is not subject to the U.S. Patriot Act.

The service is currently compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Apple iOS, although a Linux variant is rumored to be on the cards.



These days, there are countless online file storage providers all vying for your attention. If you’re in the market for more cloud space, the lesser-known but feature-rich “pCloud” is certainly worth considering. They provide 10GB free storage and expand up to 20GB free if you refer a friend.

pCloud has a simple interface that performs well on many devices, including desktop computers (Windows, Linux and Mac), Android and iOS mobiles or tablets. Currently, no software is available for Windows phones, but this may change in the near future. Having said that, you can access files via your Web browser which means all devices with an Internet connection are supported.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate with simple options that bring an intuitive experience. Uploading, organising and editing files and folders is straight-forward and all your stored documents, photographs or videos can be clearly viewed in a familiar interface. If you have shared files with friends or colleagues, these are kept separately, away from your personal uploads. You can even connect the service to other cloud or social accounts and backup files from Dropbox, OneDrive, Facebook, etc. This is ideal if you want to save bandwidth and data transfer limits.

Other features include: an offline mode, instant backups for your photos and videos, encryption (for your most sensitive files), multiple file updates, and unlimited file size limits.

A number of commercial versions are available for power users.


With a massive 50 million users worldwide, MediaFire is one of the most popular online cloud storage services. Currently, the provider is offering 10GB free storage space with a 4GB upload limit per file, plus unlimited bandwidth and downloads.

The service is ideal whether you want to simply backup your documents, photos, audio and videos, or alternatively if you need to share links with colleagues, friends and family. MediaFire is among the most user-friendly services of its kind and helps you keep track of files, shares and backups with ease, whether that’s on your desktop computer or mobile device.

You can share files directly via a link, e-mail message or through a social network of your choice. This allows you to collaborate on projects and grant access to only those individuals who require it. Other useful features include simultaneous uploads – so you can upload multiple files at once, one-time links (only allows one computer to download a file), and bulk downloads.

MediaFire is available for a variety of devices, such as Android, iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or directly through your Web browser.

The “free” account does have a few drawbacks, namely: downloads are supported by advertisements and there are “captcha” codes for users. As a free user, you must also log-in at least once a year to keep your account active. However, a number of affordable commercial options are available, offering extended service and up to 1TB of storage space.



When it comes to cloud storage, security is one area where many providers fall short. MEGA, on the other hand, is one of the most security-conscious providers we’ve seen and provides end-to-end encryption and secure global access to all your important files. MEGA’s service includes a massive 50GB of storage space, completely free of charge.

This New Zealand-based cloud storage service is run by controversial digital entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and allows you to store – or share – your photographs, documents, videos, audio, and any other files safely and securely. MEGA deploys end-to-end encryption, which means that your data is encrypted both during the transfer and encrypted at rest in the cloud. This prevents even MEGA from accessing your files, since you take sole ownership of the encryption keys.

Collaboration is made easy with MEGA and you can share files safely and securely with friends, family or colleagues. The Sync Client for your computer desktop makes for easy syncronisation across a variety of devices and allows you to drag and drop files into a virtual drive (available for Windows, Mac and Linux). There’s also a Chrome browser extension that helps reduce loading times and strengthen security while you’re working in the cloud.

MEGA provides mobile apps for your smartphone, so you can manage your files when on the move. These are available for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices. All these apps receive high ratings in their respective categories and are among the most user-friendly in the market.

If you need any further information, MEGA has a thorough “Help” section that covers everything from installation and syncing to software issues and security. Commercial upgrades are available via MEGA’s “Pro” accounts and offer up to 4TB of data storage.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

Do you need a place to keep your digital photos secure? Amazon Drive provides 5GB of free photo storage space, accessible anywhere from multiple devices. It’s a quick and easy way to back up your files.

Amazon Drive’s “free” plan provides 5GB free space, although, for a small yearly fee, you can upgrade to 20GB or even 50GB. High capacity accounts are also available and highly affordable.
And, as a service from e-commerce powerhouse Amazon, you can be sure your photos will be kept safe and secure.

The service is ideal for freeing up disk space on your smartphone or for backing up important photos and videos. Amazon Drive works on multiple devices and can be accessed by a desktop computer, a smartphone or tablet device.

The service has an easy to use “drag and drop” interface that lets you quickly upload photos, either individually or in batches. You can create new folders, rename files, move images and videos in a directory hierarchy, and perform a number of search functions. The service also allows you to share folders or individual photos with friends, family or colleagues.

Available for desktop computer, Android and Apple iOS.


With over 300 million users worldwide, Dropbox is one of the most popular online storage services available. If you have not already considered using cloud storage solutions, this is a great way to get started. Rather than backing up documents and other files on a USB drive, or even not at all (and risk losing all your hard work), Dropbox lets you store files “in the cloud” – accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The service is available on all popular devices, including mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer. This includes Android, iPad/iPhone, BlackBerry and also Amazon’s Kindle Fire. With services like Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive, there are more cloud storage options than ever before and there are advantages and disadvantages of all the major players. Dropbox is a solid, all-round solution, perfect for students, personal use and keeping photographs/videos and other files safe and secure. Having said that, commercial plans are available for a small monthly fee. Ideal if you require additional space and more powerful collaboration/sharing options for team working.

By default, all files stored on Dropbox are private, but you can choose to share individual files or folders with friends and colleagues. And no matter what device you access your files on, all will be synchronised, so you’re always working with the most up-to-date copy. As mentioned previously, the “free” package has a generous 2GB of storage space, which is ideal for documents and photographs. Having said that, if you intend on storing lots of HD videos, investing in a higher package may be the most suitable option.

Three packages are available: Free (2GB storage), Dropbox Pro (1000GB), and Dropbox for Business (contains the full set of business collaboration tools). It is very easy to switch between accounts. This can be done in your Dropbox control panel.

All in all, Dropbox is one of our favourite cloud storage services and well worth registering for, either to backup your files or for other uses. The service is user-friendly, reliable and secure – the perfect combination for top class online storage. Top tip: On occasions, Dropbox provides ways to increase your storage capacity free of charge by referring friends to the site.

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