Paid Survey Sites: Are They Worth It?

The Internet is awash with websites that claim to reward you for completing surveys. Most of these paid survey sites are operated by market research agencies. It is their job to collect feedback from consumers like you so companies can better-understand their products and services.

If you have time to invest in completing online questionnaires, you can earn rewards for your efforts. Typically, the rewards come in the form of store vouchers, but some survey sites offer PayPal cash. You can also earn exclusive competition entries, or points redeemable for cash and prizes.

Can you really earn money with paid surveys?

The short answer is “yes!”. But the truth is you will have to dedicate a large amount of your time to generate anything significant. Completing surveys and questionnaires is not a fast-track way to easy money. But it can help you earn some extra cash in your spare time. The amount of money you can earn depends on many factors, such as the frequency of surveys, the survey provider, and the type of rewards on offer. You can earn the best selection of rewards by subscribing to multiple survey providers.

How do they work?

Paid survey sites usually reward you on a “per survey” basis. The more surveys you complete, the more rewards you will gain. To get started answering surveys online, you first need to register with a credible provider, such as LifePoints, Valued Opinions, Toluna, or Ipsos iSay. These are well-established paid survey providers. Once registered, you will be asked a series of questions so the website can build up a profile of your interests. If a survey matches your interests and demographics, you can participate. Most often, you will be alerted by e-mail when a new survey is available to complete. But providers also let you manage surveys via an online control panel.

What rewards can you get?

The rewards available vary from provider to provider. Some paid survey sites just offer vouchers, while others offer a mixture of cash, vouchers, and prizes. Vouchers for stores like Amazon, Argos, and M&S are among the most sought-after, but cash is equally popular. It is worth noting that most survey sites pay cash rewards via PayPal. Very few networks will post a cheque to you anymore. Other lesser-seen rewards include exclusive competition entries and coupon codes. There are also a few survey sites that let you donate a proportion of your earnings to charity.

Advantages of paid survey sites

If you can spare the time to complete surveys, there are several advantages of using paid survey websites. Some of these benefits are outlined below:

Extra cash — The obvious benefit is the rewards you can gain. Vouchers and money are always useful, especially if you are strapped for cash. Since most rewards take the form of vouchers for popular stores, you can use these to buy household items or gifts for family and friends. PayPal cash is also helpful for extra spends.

Great fun — Most sites that pay you to complete surveys operate an online community, including forums, polls, and other functionality. This makes completing surveys fun. Most of the large sites also have popular social media pages where you can chit-chat with other members.

Contribute to company decision-making — Survey sites exist so that market research companies can gain consumer feedback on their products. By completing surveys, you help to guide the future direction of companies. If this is your thing, registration is completely free and easy!

Things to be aware of:

Before you sign-up for a paid survey site, there are a few things to be aware of. The first is the number of surveys on offer at any given moment. It is not uncommon to wait a few days before you receive your first survey job after registration. You may also have to wait a few days or even weeks in some cases between each completed survey. The fact is, it varies according to demand and from provider to provider.

Remember: Survey sites are looking for the right type of consumer to answer their questionnaires. If you are not a great match for a particular survey, you may have to wait longer for a suitable one to come along. Top tip: By joining multiple survey sites, you can increase the number of surveys available to you.

The second thing to consider is how many surveys you can realistically complete. If you are aiming to generate as much spare cash as possible, you will need to set aside plenty of time in your day. But if you only want to complete the odd survey here and there, the rewards will inevitably be much lower.

It is also useful to consider the range of rewards available per provider. If you only want to earn cash, then only register for sites that pay money via PayPal or cheque. If you want to earn rewards to help you save money on shopping, vouchers are a popular option. So be sure to research each survey site in full to get the best deal.

Lastly, be aware of the provider’s terms and conditions. Some paid survey websites insist that you reach a certain reward level before you can withdraw cash. If the provider rewards you with points, exchangeable for cash or vouchers, there may be some restrictions attached. Always read the small print to avoid any surprises.

What are the major paid survey websites?

There is a wide range of paid survey sites available and new providers enter the market regularly. The established providers tend to be the best places to start. Toluna, LifePoints, and Valued Opinions are popular, as are Swagbucks and InboxPounds. Crowdology and Ipsos iSay are other great alternatives. Head to’s free paid surveys section for a full list of the leading providers.


Paid survey sites will not make you rich — far from it in fact. But they can allow you to generate some extra cash. If you have time to spare and enjoy giving your opinion, you can earn rewards like vouchers or PayPal money. Registering for multiple survey sites will give you the best chance of earning rewards. But be sure to research each survey site in detail to find the best provider for you.

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