Here’s a new reward and bonus website where you can make money and earn rewards for completing online tasks. 20Cogs will give you a free £5 welcome bonus upon registration. The site won’t make you rich, but with some effort, you can earn a few extra quid.

The website will share part of the commission they earn when you complete online tasks. So, the more online tasks you complete, the more commission you’ll eventually receive.

The site works as follows: First you select from a number of different offers available, and then earn commission by participating in various deals, whether that’s by downloading some software, entering a competition, applying for a credit card, completing a survey, or viewing a video, etc. Once you’ve accumulated enough offers, your payments will be allocated to your account.

After you have successfully completed 20 offers, 20Cogs will begin paying you for each additional offer you participate in, so there’s an incentive to participate in as many as possible. Registration at 20Cogs is quick and easy, and after filling out the usual online form, you can begin entering offers.