Amazon Drive

Do you need a place to keep your digital photos secure? Amazon Drive provides 5GB of free photo storage space, accessible anywhere from multiple devices. It’s a quick and easy way to backup your files.

Amazon Drive’s “free” plan provides 5GB free space, although for a small yearly fee, you can upgrade to 20GB or even 50GB. High capacity accounts are also available and highly affordable.
And, as a service from e-commerce powerhouse Amazon, you can be sure your photos will be kept safe and secure.

The service is ideal for freeing up disk space on your smartphone or for backing up important photos and videos. Amazon Drive works on multiple devices and can be accessed by desktop computer, a smartphone or tablet device.

The service has an easy to use “drag and drop” interface that lets you quickly upload photos, either individually or in batches. You can create new folders, rename files, move images and videos in a directory hierarchy, and perform a number of search functions. The service also allows you to share folders or individual photos with friends, family or colleagues.

Available for desktop computer, Android and Apple iOS.