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Are you interested in researching your family history? Sign-up for a 14-day free trial at to begin creating a family tree and gain access to thousands of public historical records. The site also allows you to easily share information and link-up with other researchers.

As one of the world’s most visited ancestry websites, Ancestry is an excellent place to begin your research. It provides access to over 1 billion records, including UK census records, births, marriages and deaths, parish records, immigration and travel, military records, and more. Higher packages provide access to overseas and worldwide information, resulting in a library of more than 15 billion records. You may select from three membership packages: Essentials, Premium, and Worldwide. The Worldwide membership is the most comprehensive, but also the most costly.

Ancestry is user-friendly and allows you to search records, research and create a family tree with ease. If you do happen to need assistance, their Help & Advice pages are very informative. You can also visit the Community pages, which are constantly busy with members asking questions, replying to posts and collaborating on shared projects. The site also features a private messaging system, so you can send information to others members privately (ideal if you’re teaming up to work on solving a particular genealogy problem).

Please note: a credit card is required to take advantage of this trial. However, you may cancel within the trial period to avoid being charged. Register today to claim your two weeks free membership.