AVG Free Anti-Virus

Here’s another excellent free anti-virus program that’s perfect for guarding your computer or smartphone against malware, viruses and other harmful files. With protection for unlimited devices, it’s a solid and popular choice.  Available for Windows PC, Mac and Android devices.

The “free” version of AVG is among the most popular anti-virus utilities available and provides effective protection against a wide range of threats, be that viruses, spyware, rootkits, trojans, etc. The software is user-friendly and works effortless in the background, constantly looking for threats. As new viruses are discovered, the program will update to ensure you are continually protected.

AVG also provides an e-mail mailbox scanner to keep you safe from e-mail viruses, a task/update scheduler, a link scanner, quick and full scan modes, AVG Zen, which makes it easy to manage your devices all in one convenient place, and Remote Protection, so you can scan and remove viruses on your desktop computer remotely using your smartphone.

A “Pro” commercial is available and offers additional features, such as an Online Shield (protects you from harmful downloads), Anti-Spam (for protection against junk e-mail), a firewall, free support, file encryption, and more.

For a free anti-virus solution, AVG offers high rates of detection and can handle the vast majority of threats. For additional protection, consider upgrading to the “Pro” account for top-notch, all-round security.