An impressive free online photo editor from Adobe. By using Aviary, you can enhance and edit photos via your browser or smartphone. Included are tools to edit layers, merge photos, crop images, create logos, match colours and more. To begin, upload the image you wish to work with, then select the appropriate tools from the menus. Alternatively, you can specify a URL (Web address) to an image already located online, or download the smartphone app.

The service is user-friendly and easy to operate on both desktop and mobile platforms. In fact, on the smartphone, you will likely find Aviary significantly extends the functionality of your existing photo editor, allowing you to make amazing photo effects in seconds.

The Aviary website contains a selection of user-edited photographs that you can use for your own inspiration. For more information on this nifty photo editor, visit the Blog page, which is updated on a regular basis and also includes photo editing challenges from month to month.

A number of creative tools are also available if you’re a developer. This allows you to add powerful image editing capabilities to your application with relative ease.

An app is available on iPhone/iPad, so be sure to download this to your mobile device, as well.