Box is a user-friendly and professional file storage provider, offering 10GB worth of free space to store your documents, images, videos, and more. Includes file syncronisation and support for desktop computer, mobile and tablet devices.

The “free” package provides 10GB of storage space and has a 250MB maximum file size limit.

As you might expect from one of the Internet’s most recognised file storage providers, Box has a wide range of features, including an intuitive user interface that even novices can quickly get to grips with, fast syncronisation of files (ideal if you use multiple devices), and a host of sharing and collaboration options.

This makes working with colleagues and sharing documents far easier, especially since you can grant others access, enabling them to upload, edit and download files as per your requirements. So, if you currently use e-mail attachments to send files to colleagues, you could become more productive and efficient by using an online storage service such as this.

Box provides a high level of security with encryption at the point of data transfer, ensuring your important data remains safe and secure. Multiple user accounts can be set up and due to the nature of online storage, your files will still be available should your mobile or laptop become lost or stolen.

A number of commercial options are available if you require additional storage space and options for more users, enhanced file sizes, custom branding, workflow automation, etc.