An immensely popular, award-winning, free computer optimisation and cleaning tool that has amassed millions of downloads worldwide. Available for Windows, Mac and Android devices, CCleaner helps to de-clutter your system, allowing your computer to run smoother, faster and more securely.

When your system has been working day in, day out, over time it can begin to slow down or begin to experience other problems. To prevent this from happening, you can perform maintenance with an optimisation tool, such as CCleaner. This “free” version has a surprising number of features, and even supports Android mobile devices - ideal for keeping your smartphone in tip-top condition.

The program is easy to use and allows you to quickly remove temporary Internet files, cookies, browser history, recently-typed URLs, saved passwords, form history, and more. In addition, the software can help you remove unnecessary files and programs, freeing up disk space. The cleaner is also effective at quickly fixing broken and unnecessary registry entries. Analysing and performing all these routine cleaning tasks can be done in seconds, thanks to the intuitive and speedy interface.

A mobile app is available specially for Android devices and includes options to reduce disk space, uninstall programs and improve the performance of your mobile handset.

A commercial version called CCleaner Pro is also available for an affordable fee and has an even greater number of features.