Comodo Free Firewall

A free and award-winning personal firewall, offering a reliable level of protection against hacker attacks. Comodo secures against both internal and external threats, making your system far more secure than if you only used the bundled firewall application with Microsoft Windows.

Being easy to configure immediately after installation and with a user-friendly interface, even novices can set up Comodo Firewall, so you needn’t have a great deal of technical expertise to take advantage of this software.

Comodo utilises Default Deny Protection (DDP), a method by which all applications are blocked before you give permission. This creates a safe environment where unknown, potentially unsafe programs can cause system damage. The software accesses the cloud to identify malware in an instant and also prevents Trojan intrusions, plus safeguards your PC from personal data theft. For a free download, Comodo is quite complete in what it offers.

The program is able to cross-reference over two million safe applications and learns your preferences to offer personalised protection. Although the software is highly customisable, it also lets you set up common, default settings by using a “wizard” setup process. This makes the entire procedure pain free, letting you get on with other tasks. Automatic updates are available to ensure the program is up-to-date with the latest threat data. Comodo Free Firewall functions on modern versions of Microsoft Windows.