Here’s a fantastic, user-friendly password management tool, available for Windows, Linux, Apple, plus smartphones (Android and iOS). Dashlane allows you to generate a variety of strong passwords for all your online accounts, instantly increasing your online security. You’ll never have a problem remembering all your passwords again!

The service functions using a master password, which only you have access to. This is then used to administer all your other passwords. This means you can generate nearly “impossible to crack” passwords for all your accounts, without having to remember them. This practice can instantly increase your online security and help foil hacker attacks.

The “free” version of Dashlane provides storage for an unlimited number of passwords, along with monitoring for security breaches. The tool also provides a password generator, so you can quickly establish safe, secure passwords on the fly. There’s even a form filler, so you can enter your details at the click of a button.

In addition, the “free” package includes 30-days worth of Premium features. The interface is easy-to-use and features attractive graphical representations, so it’s highly intuitive, even if you’re not technically minded.

The Premium package is available for a small monthly fee, but is well worth considering, especially if you require account backup features, unlimited (and secure) password sharing, and 2-factor authentication. The Premium plan also includes priority customer service.

If you’re a business, you can still take advantage of Dashlane. The Business plan is only slightly more expensive than Premium, but offers group management of passwords, an admin console with custom policies, additional 2-factor authentication, and a dedicated account manager.