Free Age UK LifeBook

Age UK are currently giving away a free LifeBook - a booklet that can help you keep track of important documents and information, such as emergency contact numbers or where you have placed key documents, such as the TV licence, car insurance details, or your passport.

When you’re busy, it can often be difficult to remember where all your important information is. And even with the best of intentions, important documents can be easily mislaid. This is why Age UK have released the LifeBook. It will help you become more organised and could save vital minutes in an emergency.

You can request a free Age UK LifeBook either as a booklet in the post or as a digital copy. Either complete the short online form on the offer page, or telephone 0345 685 1061 and quote reference “ALL 721” for more details. Alternatively, you can download a PDF request file, which contains details on the booklet and includes steps on how to obtain.