Free ASDA Mobile SIM Card

Order a free SIM from UK supermarket chain, ASDA to take advantage of a range of 30-day bundles, each offering a generous allocation of minutes, data and text messages. Note: the SIM will be delivered as a multi-SIM, which can be adapted for any size (Standard, Micro or Nano).

In a similar fashion to other UK supermarkets, such as Tesco, ASDA has its own mobile network, operating on the EE network, famed for its excellent 4G access. With highly affordable prices, free usage in Europe at no additional cost, and the ability to easily transfer your existing number, ASDA is certainly worth considering alongside the more established rivals.

There are three major bundle packs, each offering free minutes, data and texts, depending on your lifestyle. These include the following allowances:

£7 bundle - Ideal for casual use, including some Internet use, this bundle includes 300 minutes, 500MB of data and unlimited texts.

£10 bundle - The middle option is a great compromise between price and allowance. It includes 600 minutes, 1.5GB of data transfer, plus unlimited text messages.

£15 bundle - The top bundle package is designed for heavy use and includes 1000 minutes, 3GB of data, plus unlimited texts.

4G is now available on the ASDA network, so you can achieve fast Internet speeds, even when on bundle packages. Requesting a free SIM is easy. Just complete the short request form and you’ll receive a SIM pack within the post. Please note, however, that SIMs can only be delivered to UK households. Delivery will be within approximately five working days.