Free BBC Stargazing PDF Guides

Here, you can download a selection of free PDF stargazing guides from the BBC’s Stargazing Live website. The PDFs include basic advice on starting out in astronomy and have been compiled by household names, including Professor Brian Cox, Mark Thompson and Dara O’Briain.

The guides feature star maps that help you locate the constellations, an eclipse guide poster and guide (including information on creating your own solar viewer), a NASA sun poster, star party pack, telescope guide, and a universe poster. A guide to creating your own refractor telescope is also available.

The site features details on iCalendar, a stargazing calendar alert tool for mobile, Mac and PC. With iCalendar, you can keep updated on the most noteworthy astronomical events throughout the year. A must-have download if you’re keen on astronomy.

Please note: since the vast majority of guides available here are in the .pdf format, you will need a PDF viewer (such as Adobe Reader if you are on a Windows machine), or similar.

The Stargazing Live website provides plenty more information and features a range of video clips and photographs, plus tips from expert astronomers. Just visit the “Clips” section to find the latest videos. An activity pack is available to help you organise your own stargazing events. The guides are available in both English and Welsh language.