Free Command & Conquer Games

At this site, you can play classic Command & Conquer games free online, including Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Tiberian Dawn, and others. The games also include Dune 2000, a remake of the classic Dune 2. A number of mods are available to enhance existing capability.

If like many people you enjoyed playing the famous Command & Conquer series, the game that introduced mammoth tanks, Tanya, Tesla coils, and more, you’ll be pleased to hear that many titles are now free to download. After installing a small client file (available for Windows and Mac), you can begin to play online, either against others or on solo missions.

A chat lobby is featured at CncNet and lets you chat with others online, either to arrange battles or just for fun. In recent months, the service has improved in terms of speed and reliability, and now includes reduced lag time and support for all modern versions of Windows, plus Mac OS X.

There’s also a busy discussion forum available here discussing everything from the various C&C titles, to mods, mapping, and more. Please note: this site is run entirely by donations, so consider giving a contribution if you enjoy playing the games available at CnCNet. New games are reportedly in the pipeline, specifically Red Alert 2.