Free Courses From The Open University

Access in the region of 1000 free courses covering 8 major subject areas at OpenLearn, a free learning initiative from The Open University, a world renowned distance learning provider. You can begin a new course immediately and select from history, health, psychology, business, nature, society, politics, technology, mathematics and numerous other subjects.

At OpenLearn, you’ll find courses that require as little as one hour worth of learning right up to those totalling over a hundred hours. The online learning provider features a useful user panel, where you can monitor your progress, keep track of current and historic courses, and earn Statements of Participation and digital badges, which are ideal to keep motivation levels high.

The eight major subject areas are as follows: Money & Business, Education & Development, Health, Sports & Psychology, History & The Arts, Languages, Nature & Environment, Science, Maths & Technology, Society, and Politics & Law. Each category contains hundreds of courses of varying lengths.

The website has a handy search function so you can quickly find topics of interest, or alternatively you can search by browsing through the categories. Registering for an account is a simple, short process and you can begin taking courses straight away. There’s also a “Skills” section that helps you seek out the practical skills employers are looking for in potential candidates.

If you wish to continue your study at a higher level, the OpenLearn site contains links to The Open University pages, where you’ll find details on full-time and part-time degree courses.

For further information, head to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, which aims to answer the majority of common queries.