Free GiffGaff Mobile SIM Card

On the hunt for a new mobile phone network? If like many people you want the freedom and flexibility of a “pay as you go” or bundle deal, GiffGaff could be the solution. Numerous packages are available for talkers, texters and Web surfers.

GiffGaff, “the mobile network run by you”, provides six different PAYG tariffs depending on your requirements. Their popular £10 bundle provides 500 minutes of free calls, unlimited texts and 1GB Internet usage, but even for a small £5 top-up you can gain 300 free UK texts every month. A range of other “GiffGaff Goodybags” are available, so there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a ‘texter’, Web surfer, or require additional free minutes. Add-on packages called “Gigabags” are also available, so you can add more data allocation to your account, as are 4G offerings.

One of the major benefits of GiffGaff is free calls and text messages to other users on the same network. This can work out very economical, especially if you refer your friends and family. Incidentally, if you do recommend others to the service, you will be rewarded with free credit or cash.

A wide range of popular handsets are available at GiffGaff and come unlocked as standard, so you can be free from lengthy, restrictive contracts. All the popular SIM card formats are available: Standard, Micro and Nano SIMs. Sign up today and break free!