Free Lebara SIM + £4 Free Credit

You might not be familiar with Lebara, but if you’re thinking of switching mobile networks, the company is certainly worth considering. Request a free “pay as you go” SIM card by following the instructions. Recommended for international and UK national telephone calls. Transfer your existing number to gain £4 worth of credit completely free of charge. Order today to receive your SIM card within 48 hours.

A major advantage of this provider is free network to network calls. So if you refer friends and family, you can enjoy calls and texts to these people free of charge within the UK. Lebara has a wide range of plans and caters for all, whether you tend to text, call or use the Internet. This includes both “pay as you go” plans and rolling monthly contracts.

They offer £5 free credit when you top up by £20 (although you can actually top up from as little as £5 if you don’t wish to take advantage of this offer). Typical plans include those aimed at national UK use, international calls and data use. Various student deals are also available, which are flexible and offer great value.

Topping up your balance is very easy and can be done either online, via your handset, or at participating Lebara SIM pack stockists. Three SIM varieties are available to request: Classic SIM, Micro SIM, or Nano SIM (suitable for the most modern iPhones). Lebara also operates a loyalty scheme, where you can refer friends to the service and earn additional credit or cash.