Free Paragon Backup & Disk Software

An excellent collection of free backup, file recovery and disk management software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Paragon provides a neat selection of tools to help you perform a variety of tasks, from partitioning your disk to securely erasing important data.

Here’s an overview of some of the software available to download. In total, Paragon have approximately 15 free programs for you to download. Find them all by clicking the “get it now” button.

Rescue Kit Free Edition: A solid free backup tool with plenty of features, including the ability to backup an entire hard disk or partitions, and create bootable recovery media. With a user-friendly interface and easy configuration, this is arguably our favourite free backup program. Additional features include a registry editor, file transfer wizard, password cleaner, log saver, and network configuration options.

Backup & Recovery Free Edition: This two-in-one utility takes the hassle out of making regular backups. As a result, you’ll be able to save all your important files to an external disk or custom folder with ease. It also includes a backup scheduler so you can automate when a backup takes place.

Partition Manager Free Edition: If you want to partition your hard drive into virtual disks, this free program will help you achieve this with ease. Partition Manager lets you organise and optimise your partitions, format disks, resize storage, and perform a range of other tasks, such as installing multiple operating systems on separate drive partitions.