Free Persil Dosing Device

Note: this offer can only be obtained by calling a freephone 0800 number. Here, you can request a free dosing device from Persil. You may select from either a free dosing ball or a dosing scoop, both of which can be used to measure the required amount of washing powder or detergent for your wash. The devices can also be used to pre-treat tough stains to ensure a better cleaning result.

The Persil website contains a wide variety of content, including information such as laundry tips, activities for kids, plus product information. The site also features details on how to find the latest deals on Persil products, such as “Small & Mighty”, a product described as the company’s “mightiest detergent ever”.

Since laundry uses up resources and results in waste, the site features a Sustainability section where you can find details on how to save energy, recycle, cut down on water use and live greener. While you’re on the site, you may also be interested in reading Unilever’s “Sustainable Living Plan”, which provides in-depth articles on how the company is helping to tackle the world’s environmental issues.

To request, telephone the free 0800 number displayed on the offer page. Alternatively, if the form is open, you may be able to request via your Web browser. The freebie will be delivered within approximately two weeks, but may arrive sooner, so be sure to keep your eyes on the post. Don’t forget to follow Persil on social media to get access to the latest freebies, competitions and and promotions.