Free TIME Magazine Trial Issue

Obtain a free trial issue of the world’s most popular weekly magazine publication, TIME Magazine. Famous for the “Top 100 World’s Most Influential People” list, among other features, the magazine provides an international perspective on the most talked about news of the week.

This glossy, weekly publication keeps you up to date with the world’s most prominent issues, offering commentary and interviews with the people in the news. It also has in-depth perspectives on some of the most prominent individuals of our time. The journalism is of a very high standard, as are the photographic images, which are inspiring and thought provoking.

The magazine is available in both a print and digital edition. A number of subscription plans are available. The best value for money package provides access to the print, digital (e.g. tablet and smartphone), and editions. However, you may subscribe to a print only or digital only edition as you see fit.

Please note: as is common with many other free magazine subscriptions, you are required to provide a telephone number and e-mail address when requesting the freebie. This is so a representative can contact you to confirm delivery (and also so they can provide some brief details on how to subscribe, should you wish to continue receiving the magazine after the trial period is over). There is no obligation to purchase a subscription.