Free Virgin Mobile SIM Card

Grab yourself a free “pay as you go” SIM card, courtesy of Virgin Mobile. Voted “Best Value Network” by the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, Virgin Mobile provides an affordable, flexible way to call, text and surf the Web.

Unlike long-term contract phone deals, “pay as you go” gives you the ultimate freedom to pick and choose how much you spend. There are no contracts to sign, no credit checks, and you can even bring your existing telephone number over to Virgin Mobile. Virgin uses the EE network, which offers 99% coverage across the UK. In addition, you can earn additional minutes, texts and data for topping up your account. You can select from two packages: “Big Data & Texts” or “Big Talk”.

Big Data & Texts: This package gives you a monthly allowance of 3000 texts and 1GB of data for a £10 top-up. Select Big Data & Texts if you like to send lots of text messages, or if you need data to access e-mails and use mobile messaging services.

Big Talk: If like many people, you like to call and don’t require text messages, select Big Talk. This package gives you unlimited call minutes to UK landlines, plus 120 minutes to UK mobile phones. If you want an allocation of text messages, simply top up by £15 instead. All allocations are available for the duration of the month.

Virgin Mobile also has a number of “Pay Monthly” SIM packages that may be of interest to you, offering a 30-day rolling contract from as little as £5 per month. If you want the benefits of a short-term contract, but wish to have more flexibility and freedom, this is an excellent middle ground between “pay as you go” and long-term contracts.

To claim a free SIM, follow the simple instructions on the website, then select your phone brand and model. At this point, you can also select from a standard SIM or a micro/nano SIM.