Glary Utilities

Has your computer started to slow down over time? This free software download for Windows allows you to speed up your computer by fixing errors, managing files, and tweaking your settings. Glary Utilities contains over 20 different tools to help optimise your system, and with 40 million downloads, it’s a popular choice.

The program has an easy-to-use interface and displays all available tools in a simple, straight-forward manner. The utilities are organised into categories, including: Windows Registry, Disk Space, Anti-malware, System Control, System Status, File Management, Drivers, Hard Disks, System Tweaks, Programs, Privacy, etc. A number of “one click maintenance” options also exist and let you quickly perform routine housekeeping tasks.

A commercial version of the software is available and provides even more functionality, including dedicated technical support all day, every day, automatic system care, enhanced system fixing, and more. Upgrading to the Pro version also entitles you to use Glary Utilities for commercial use. If you own a smartphone, you might like to consider downloading Glary Utilities for Android. This tool allows you to free up system RAM, manage your applications, clean caches and junk files, and speed up your handset.

The Glarysoft website provides links to a wide range of other free tools, such as Registry Repair, Disk SpeedUp, Absolute Uninstaller, Software Update, and other excellent downloads. If you’re serious about keeping your machine in tip-top condition, be sure to check them out.