Icecream Apps

This free software provider features a useful selection of high quality, feature-rich freeware programs, including: Media Converter, Screen Recorder, PDF tool, Image Resizer, Presentation/Slideshow Maker, and Ebook Reader. Icecream Apps specialise in easy to use programs with widespread appeal. Available for Microsoft Windows.

Each tool is an excellent alternative to some of the more costly commercial packages available. Multiple languages are supported in all downloads at Icecream Apps. An overview of each program can be found below:

PDF Converter: A handy tool for converting documents and images to PDF files. If you want to produce your own, professional PDF files, Icecream PDF Converter comes highly recommended. A variety of file formats are supported and the software also features an in-built PDF reader.

Media Converter: This download lets you convert media files into other file formats. This includes both audio and video file formats. You can also download YouTube videos and convert them to MP4, AVI, and other formats.

Ebook Reader: If you enjoy reading e-books, try Ebook Reader. This user-friendly program supports a number of the popular e-book formats and allows you to create a digital library. The download can also monitor your reading progress.

PDF Split & Merge: Want to merge PDF files and split pages/documents? PDF Split & Merge does exactly what it says on the tin and can even handle password protected files. Also includes a built-in PDF reader.

Screen Recorder: This tool allows you to capture areas of your computer desktop, either as a video or static image. It is particularly useful for “webinars” and lets you draw on the screen to highlight various sections.

Image Resizer: A nice and simple program that lets you quickly resize images, whether that’s a JPEG, BMP, PNG, or TIFF. You can either select your own specific size, or have the tool maintain the original aspect ratio, depending on your needs.