Want to speed up the performance of your computer? IOBit provides a selection of excellent free software for improving computer security, stability and performance. With over 20 million users worldwide, the company includes utilities to increase system speed, tackle malware, defrag your hard disk, improve mobile security, and more. Available for Windows and Mac.

Driver Booster Free: A small but mighty download that protects your PC from hardware failures associated with out of date drivers. This free download alerts you when your computer driver files need updating, then proceeds to update them automatically, saving you time and effort, and ensuring optimal computer performance.

Advanced SystemCare Free: This multi-purpose system utility claims to increase the speed of your computer by up to 300%. The tool is effective at cleaning up hard disks, removing malicious toolbars or plug-ins and optimising browser settings for faster Internet surfing.

IObit Uninstaller: Ensures a thorough, complete uninstall of installed software. Each time you install and then wish to remove an application, unnecessary files are often left over, which clutter and slow your computer. This handy download ensures no files are left over for a faster, more efficient system.

Malware Fighter Free: It seems malware is everywhere these days. Thankfully, with this software you can fight back and reclaim your computer from malicious, irritating software. The tool also includes features to protect against typical issues, such as browser hijacking, data tracking, fake downloads, and more.

Please note: while IOBit provides a number of free software downloads with a high level of functionality, commercial versions are also available for more demanding business use.