Kingsoft Office Suite Free

Before you shell out a whole lot of money for a commercial office suite, take a look at Kingsoft Office. It provides a set of free productivity tools, including a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software - all more than capable for the majority of common tasks.

Kingsoft Office currently provides free office software for Windows, Apple and Android users. Apps for smartphones and tablets are available via each provider’s respective app store. Although free of charge, this suite of popular programs still packs a punch and is well able to complete the vast majority of common office tasks.

Writer: A free word processing program that can compete on a level with the market leader: Microsoft Word. Kingsoft Writer Free is also able to handle common file formats and can import and export .docx, .doc and other popular formats. Includes basic, intermediate and advanced tools, including a spell checker.

Presentation: This program is a free alternative to the popular Microsoft Powerpoint software. Don’t be fooled by the price tag, Kingsoft Presentation contains everything you need to produce stunning presentations for school, work, fun, or otherwise.  It has a user-friendly interface and can be used either as a stand alone program or as part of the larger Kingsoft Office suite.

Spreadsheets: Kingsoft Spreadsheets is a free alternative to Microsoft Excel. With features for both novice and advanced users, this software can handle all your data analysis. Better still, it can import and export Excel file formats, meaning you can save money and still interact with users of other programs.

A number of other nifty add-ons are also included, such as a free PDF converter. Available for Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android and also compatible with Microsoft Office. These three programs can either be downloaded individually or as part of the complete Free Office Suite.