Various Free Music Downloads

This site is a must-visit if you like to discover new music. At, you’ll find hundreds of free MP3 downloads from up-and-coming artists, and also some more established acts. Simply scroll through each page and select the download links to save the MP3 files to your system., which was originally launched in 2002, features an entire community of music lovers. If you enjoy exploring new sounds, connecting with others and sharing your favourite tracks, the site is well worth a visit. To benefit from the full functionality, you’ll first need to create an account and then set up your own personal profile. This will help you to connect with other fans and begin building up your reputation on what is effectively a music-driven social network.

The site lets you search by genre or artist and makes music recommendations based upon your user habits. You will also find lists of top tracks and artists. Aside from thousands of online tracks available to play through your Web browser, or to purchase, you will also find information on nearby festivals and other music events. provides a roundup of music news and also runs competitions, so be sure to enter these for a chance to win tickets to gigs and other great stuff. The website’s selection of free MP3 music is updated on a regular basis, so visit often to see the latest additions.