A handy disposable e-mail address service that’s free for personal use and ideal for generating temporary e-mail accounts. Mailinator is perfect if you want to register for a Web site and need an e-mail address, but are concerned about the possibility of spam.

There’s no need to complete a registration either. Simply think up your own “” address and you’ll be able to check the inbox via the Mailinator site. Easy! After couple of hours, any e-mail sent to your temporary e-mail address is deleted. This keeps any junk mail separate from your main e-mail account - something that is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with the continual onslaught of spam.

You can choose from a wide selection of domain extensions. In fact, you can select from over 100 Mailinator e-mail domains. Generating an e-mail address can be done on the fly, so there’s no waiting around. It takes literally seconds and is well worth doing if you’re serious about protecting your primary account from spam (junk mail).

Note: the “free” version of Mailinator uses mailboxes that are in the public domain. Therefore, you should refrain from using the service for sensitive purposes. (The free account is best used for bypassing basic online registration forms).

However, you can select from some commercial options, which include a private e-mail domain and allocated storage space. There’s also a helpful FAQ page to answer any other questions you may have. Sign-in using your Google account or simply enter an e-mail address to check a public mailbox.