“Monitor everything. Spend nothing”. Here’s a reliable and free website monitoring service that checks much more than just availability. will also monitor your server’s general health and speed. Registration is very simple and takes approximately 5 minutes.

If you’re serious about your website or IT system connectivity, you’ll need to monitor it on a regular basis. One way to do this is to use, a free monitoring service that checks website uptime, server response time, network performance, and other metrics. It’s ideal whether you’re a webmaster, IT consultant, online marketer, network administrator, or a developer.

The service presents statistics in a variety of graphs and tables for easy viewing. Features include: unlimited number of monitors, real-time charts, a mobile application, and more. You can also opt to receive e-mail updates, providing an overview of your website or infrastructure performance. If disaster strikes and your website goes down, will send you an alert so you can take appropriate action. There is no software to install, no hidden fees, and you’ll have peace of mind your website or application is running smoothly. offers a premium service called Monitis that provides a greater level of monitoring for a monthly fee. This is ideal if you have a mission-critical service and want to spend money to achieve more regular, accurate monitoring.