This free website service has over 120,000 members and aims to bring back “the lost individual creativity of the web” by offering free personal homepages. Sign-up to create a website on any topic you like, edit the code, upload files or select from templates. Better still, since Neocities is funded entirely by donations and supporters, it is entirely free from advertising.

The website takes its inspiration from GeoCities, the now defunct web hosting company that gained fame in the 1990s. Similarly to GeoCities, Neocities gives you a free personal web presence ( would be your web address), plus all the tools needed to customise your website. This includes a user-friendly HTML editor, file uploader, pre-made templates, and zero advertising (unlike the vast majority of free website providers).

Check out the Neocities homepage to view a selection of features sites, which is great for gaining inspiration for your own personal homepage. Incidentally, you can view all member websites by clicking the “Websites” link in the main navigation bar. To find sites on a topic you’re interested in, enter a keyword into the “Filter by Tag” box.

Please note: since Neocities is funded entirely by donations, consider becoming a supporter by contributing $5 a month for additional data transfer, storage and features. You can donate using PayPal or Stripe.