Panda Free Antivirus

A lightweight and easy to use anti-virus solution from the reputable Panda Security company. If your current anti-virus program is causing your computer’s performance to dip, try this for size. You won’t be disappointed. Available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Cloud Antivirus works on the concept of “cloud computing” and aims to do much of its processing in the cloud (that’s via remote servers rather than directly on your own computer). As a result, you will hardly notice the program running. Simply install and then forget.

Billed as “the best antivirus software for home users”, Panda is able to counter a wide range of threats, including viruses, malware, hijacking tools, and other rogue applications. The software offers real-time scanning, which means protection is constantly available, not just when you run a full system scan. Panda lurks in the background, silently scanning files until a virus is found. If a virus is discovered, you will have the option to clean, remove or quarantine the file.

Panda is a user-friendly program and takes minutes to install and configure. Since it is continually updated with fresh virus definitions via the cloud, the program will keep you safe from current and also future threats.

Commercial versions of this program are available for more demanding use. Additional features for paid versions include online backup, a firewall, file encryption, password manager, file shredder, and more. Visit the website to find out more.