Privacy Eraser

Billed as an all-in-one privacy suite, Privacy Eraser from Cybertron Software will spring clean your Windows PC. This award-winning tool provides a number of major features, such as cookie removal, a file shredder, drive wiper, registry cleaner, and more.

Privacy Eraser Free Edition is one of the most fully featured tools of its kind. The easy to use software makes it easy to optimise your computer, clean your tracks and protect your privacy with a single click - making your PC more secure and efficient. The major features available include:

Browser Cleanup - Privacy Eraser will clean your Internet cache, browsing history, typed URLs, and more. Saved passwords can also be deleted in a variety of major browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

File Shredder - If you want to remove all trace of your personal files for security purposes, this handy tool will provide a permanent removal. The shredder is so effective than even recovery software will struggle to restore your files.

Drive Wiper - Use this nifty tool to delete hidden areas on your hard disk drive, freeing up space. Alternatively, you can wipe the entire drive, helping you start afresh from square one.

Registry Cleaner - To keep your PC running as smoothly as possible, Privacy Eraser includes a Registry Cleaner tool. This will remove corrupt entries and left-over data from old applications, helping to speed up your computer.

App Uninstaller - When you require a more thorough software removal tool than the one provided in Windows, this tool will handle the job. The App Uninstaller will not only remove your software, it will also remove any leftover files and folders, freeing up space on your drive.

Real-Time Monitoring - Privacy Eraser can be set to start up automatically when you log-on to your computer. This allows the tool to sit quietly in the background, monitoring your PC for opportunities to tune up.

Please note: a commercial upgrade is available that will remove any advertising or “nag” screens that appear within the free version of the software.