Send Anywhere

This free service lets you send any file across the Web safely and securely. Send Anywhere uses a peer-to-peer method to transfer files, bypassing the need for files to be stored on Web servers. You can send to friends and family, or use the service to send files between devices. Available via the Web or on Android, iOS and Windows smartphones, plus PC and Mac.

With over 2.5 million users across over 140 countries, Send Anywhere is a popular method to transfer files to friends, family and colleagues. There is a maximum file upload size of 2GB available here, which is fairly large for casual use. To give a comparison, Gmail currently has a 25MB attachment limit before you need to utilise Google Drive, whereas Outlook has a 20MB limit. By using Send Anywhere, you can achieve up to 10GB in one transmission and this includes 7 days worth of storage, too.

Other features to consider include: send any file type, all operating systems are supported, fast transfer speeds, and high level security. The service also includes a handy Chrome browser extension, which can improve your productivity and comes recommended for regular use.

The website is user-friendly and allows you to quickly send or retrieve a file with minimal hassle.