Shavekit: Get your 1st Shavekit Delivery for £3

Not completely free on this occasion, but a great discount offer nonetheless. Luxury shaving company Shavekit are offering your first delivery for only £3. This includes a 5-blade razor, a replacement handle and a replacement cartridge. The site provides flexible delivery options with no commitment and you can control future deliveries via a user-friendly member control panel.

The process is straight-forward and works as follows: you select whether you’d like a 3 or 5 blade razor attachment, then receive delivery to your door. You can test out the first pack for only £3, after which you can select from flexible membership options, such as razor head deliveries every month, every two months, or on your own delivery basis.

Described as “modern shaving”, Shavekit brings you two cutting-edge razors with blades that are suitable for sensitive skin, adjustable and superior than many of the market’s leading brands. This flexible system isn’t the cheapest shave around by any means, but it is among the best value for money in terms of performance. You will likely find you’ll save money over time and retain - if not improve - your shaving results for very little outlay.

Want to treat a loved one or friend to a Shavekit Gift Set? Head to the “Gift” section on the Shavekit website to check out the pack, which includes a 5-blade razor, shaving cream, after shave balm, replacement cartridges, and a gift card with £5 credit.

Shavekit provides a unique approach to shaving and provides excellent value for money. You can cancel at any point and modify your deliveries as and when you see fit. Sign-up today for your free shaving kit.