A handy, free and efficient note-taking service, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, plus Apple iOS and Android mobile devices (or you can access the site via a Web browser). Simplenote lets you control all your notes using simple tags. There’s a handy search function, and you can collaborate and share with others. Notes are synced across devices, so you can switch between desktop, laptop or mobile with ease.

Simplenote provides an effective search feature, which enables you to find notes or casual thoughts with ease. Just type into the search box and your note will appear on the screen. The service is also ideal if you want to work collaboratively with others. While the collaboration features are not extensive, the ones the service does provide complete the job effectively. This includes sharing of notes, lists and general thoughts.

There’s also a handy backup service at Simplenote, which enables you to go back in time and view historic versions of your notes. Simply drag the version slider to a point in time to view. In fact, everything at Simplenote is free: backups, sharing and synchronisation is all included as standard.

In summary, a simple but highly usable note-taking service with a range of options to work alongside others. For more information, check out the blog pages on the Simplenote website.