Are you wary about spyware? You needn’t be if you install SpywareBlaster. Unlike similar programs that scan, detect and then clean your computer of any programs attempting to monitor your actions, SpywareBlaster takes a different route and prevents them from being installed in the first place. Available for Microsoft Windows.

Nobody has to put up with spyware thanks to this clever little program. SpywareBlaster can deal with a wide range of threats to your system, including browser hijackers (software that changes the settings in your Web browser), Adware, spyware, tracking cookies, and other types of malware. When used in conjunction with an anti-virus program, the software can be highly effective.

The interface is user-friendly and lets you access all the features with minimal effort. A number of other popular (and free) programs are available here, so be sure to take a look at these, which are designed for home use. Although free of charge, if you find the download particularly useful, consider making a donation to the company.

A commercial version is available and provides a more advanced set of features, ensuring you stay free from all kinds of spyware. This paid version provides automatic database updates to deal with the latest threats, and can also be used by multiple users. A version for networks is also available. Recommended if you are serious about keeping your PC and laptop free from malware.