Tonido: Run Your Own Personal Cloud Space

A useful free service that allows you to set up and run your own personal cloud storage space. With Tonido, you can access all your documents, images and videos from any location on a variety of devices.

After registration and installation, you will be given a unique, secure Web address (such as “”). From here you can manage files remotely, view, delete, edit, and share with others. There are no storage limits and the service is secure and user-friendly.

Free for home and limited commercial use, Tonido’s “free” package is ideal for accessing files when on the move, sharing things with friends, or syncing documents between numerous devices. And, unlike other online storage solutions that require an upload and/or download to a distant server, Tonido provides direct access to your own personal computers.

The service works well when used in conjunction with the mobile app, which is available for most smartphones: iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry and Windows Phone. The desktop client, which must be installed on the main computer, functions on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can even mount the service as a drive on Windows, set up automatic camera uploads on your phone, and set synchronisation options. More technical users may wish to set up a dedicated, personal domain name.

For business and enterprise use, try Tonido’s commercial offering, FileCloud, the high-end solution for more demanding use.