This free, up-and-coming Web browser makes an interesting alternative to some the better-known browsers available. Customisable and with plenty of features, Vivaldi lets you get on with browsing the Web. Available as a download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Based on the open source Chromium browser, Vivaldi is developed by the same people behind the long-standing Opera browser. The software has a simple interface that’s fast to load and easy to understand. But perhaps the most compelling reason to download is the huge range of customisation options. You can personalise the browser to behave in a way that allows you to become more productive.

The interface includes an easy-to-use side panel, helping you access downloads, bookmarks and notes in an instant. There’s a search box (which you can personalise with existing engines, or you can add your own), options for faster navigation, including a “Fast Forward” and “Rewind” feature, a “Trash can” to recover tabs you’ve deleted, a tab stacking feature, and a bookmarks bar as is common on most browsers nowadays. In addition, you can perform keyboard shortcuts to speed-up processes, change the browser colour scheme, and also perform a variety of mouse gestures.

There’s an active, established community at Vivaldi and you can join their ranks by visiting the forums. Be sure to sign-up on the community pages if you’d like to keep updated with the latest developments on this interesting browser project.