Zoho Mail

A free e-mail provider with over 10 million users, offering 5GB of storage space free from irritating advertisements. In addition to e-mail, Zoho Mail also brings you online office apps. Access the service via the Web, by desktop or on your mobile. Commercial upgrades are available.

Zoho Mail has a wide range of features and brings user-friendly functionality with privacy and security features as standard. And unlike many other e-mail providers, Zoho does not scan your e-mail messages to target advertisements. Instead, the company offers a range of upgrade options should you begin to use the service more readily. Your e-mail address will resemble “[email protected]”.

If you want the ability to quickly organise your e-mail inbox, whether that’s by using folders, flags, automatic filters, or otherwise, Zoho lets you achieve this. The service provides multi-level folders, a familiar and simple interface, customisable filter rules, a threaded view, tabbed view, and lots more. In addition, you’ll find advanced search options, anti-spam and anti-virus, chat facilities, e-mail templates, and customised account personalities.

Besides Zoho Mail, we also recommend you check out the excellent Zoho Docs, an online office suite with a word processor, spreadsheet, task manager, contact manager, and presentation software. There’s also a host of other software available for Sales & Marketing teams, Collaboration, IT & Help Desk, Finance, HR, etc.

Various commercial options are available to aid your business functionality, including Zoho CRM, e-mail integration and migration/import tools for IMAP/POP, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook PST (just click the “Pricing” section on the main menu on the Zoho website). For more details, visit the “Resources” section.