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24th March 2021 – was featured in the Metro article, “Attention, savers: Here are the best freebies you can get right now”.

The Independent

10 September 2015 – On this date, was featured in The Independent article, “Freshers’ Week 2015: 5 ways students can get free stuff at university”.

Webuser Magazine

1 November 2012 – In issue 304, Webuser Magazine featured in their New/Relaunched Web sites section. They praised the new design, layout and range of freebie offers available.


11 October 2011 – Moneywise Magazine featured in their money-saving article, “Top 10 Freebie Websites You Have To See”. They said: “ is worth checking out; the website is really easy to navigate and each offer listed is easy to understand so you know what it is you’re signing up for. You can also sign up to its weekly newsletter to receive new offers directly into your inbox”.

The Guardian

26 August 2011 – was featured in The Guardian’s “Guardian Money” newspaper supplement on this date as a recommended site for obtaining free samples online. The article was “Saving money with vouchers, discount codes and freebies”.

Real Radio 100-101 FM

29 July 2010 – Today, Sony Award winning journalist and presenter Steve McKenna selected as “Website of the Day” on Real Radio Scotland (100 to 101 FM).

CBS News

27 April 2010 – was featured on the news report, “The Lure of Freebies: Try Some Tryvertising” on CBS News “Moneywatch”.

CITY, Belfast

December 2009 – In December 2009, was featured in the “Money” section of Belfast’s “CITY” newspaper publication.

Sunday Mirror

6th December 2009 – The Sunday Mirror included in their feature column “A TO Z..OF CUTTING THE COST OF CHRISTMAS; Our expert shoppers spell out how to get the best bargain deals around” on 6th December 2009.

The Sunday Telegraph

22nd November 2009 – On this date was featured in The Sunday Telegraph article “PENNY PINCHER: There is such a thing as a free lunch”, by Melanie Wright.


June 2009 – was listed as a recommended resource in the thrifty spending book, Spendsmart, by Jay Hunt and Benjamin Fry.

Southend Radio 105.1 FM

27th January 2009 – was “Site of the Day” on James O’Neill’s Drivetime show on Southend Radio 105.1FM.

Daily Mirror

20th November 2008 – The people at The Mirror just love! They recommended us in their article “Credit Crunch Crusader” on 20th November. Here’s what they said:

“An entire community of freebie hunters has been spawned by the internet, and you can join their ranks at Companies are falling over themselves to give away free samples of anything from nappies to software, and all you have to do is hand over your name and address details. Before you start making your postie’s life a misery, it’s worth setting up a junk email account with a free provider such as Yahoo so your personal email doesn’t get spammed.”

Scotland On Sunday

16th November 2008 – was featured in the Scottish Sunday newspaper, Scotland on Sunday on 16th November 2008. We were recommended in the article “Wrap up your gift buying for less” by Teresa Hunter.

Wales On Sunday

16th November 2008 – On this date was featured in the Wales on Sunday newspaper article, “Tips to keep loan sharks at bay… Special Investigation: How villains are feeding off the credit crunch”. They recommended for obtaining free samples on the Internet.

BBC Three Counties Radio

12th November 2008 – On this date,’s Andy Varley was interviewed by Jonathan Vernon-Smith on ‘BBC Three Counties Radio’.

The Daily Telegraph

11th November 2008 – was featured in the Telegraph article “Three ways to cut the cost of Christmas” on 11th November 2008.

The Spend Less Handbook

17th October 2008 – was featured in “The Spend Less Handbook: 365 Tips for a Better Quality of Life While Actually Spending Less”, authored by Rebecca Ash.

Webuser Magazine

19th June 2008 – June 2008’s Web User magazine recommended as the place to go for free samples on the Web. The site was included amongst the resources in their “Fantastic Free Stuff” cover story article.

The Korea Times

April 2008 – In April 2008, was featured in The Korea Times newspaper, the oldest of three English-language newspapers published daily in South Korea. We were listed as a recommended resource for free stuff on the Web.

Webuser Magazine

31st January 2008 – This issue of Webuser magazine featured in the “New and Revamped Web Sites” section, along with a screenshot of our home page.

Time Out Magazine

9th May 2007 – On this date, was included in the Time Out London magazine in their article “Something for nothing!”.

Daily Mirror

8th February 2007 – was “The Site of the Day” in The Mirror on 8th February 2007.

KYW Newsradio, Philadelphia

12th January 2007 – was named as “Web Pick of the Day” by Bob Bicknell on KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Successful Meetings

1st February 2007 – was featured in the book “Successful Meetings: How to Plan, Prepare, and Execute Top-notch Business” by Shri L. Henkel. Our Chat Freebies section was recommended.

The Sun

9th January 2007 – On this date, was featured in the UK’s most popular newspaper, The Sun. Our site was recommended by finance expert Rebecca Ash (author of The New Spend Less Revolution) in the “Sun Woman” article, “Save AND Have Fun”.

The Bay 96.9 FM

4th January 2007 – On this date, was named as “Web Wonder of the Day” by Chris Milow on The Bay’s “Bay Drivetime” show in Lancaster, UK, broadcasting throughout North Lancashire and South Cumbria.

The Rough Guide Website Directory

September 2006 – was featured in “The Rough Guide Website Directory 2007 (Shopping Online & Surfing the Net)” book. The site was praised as a “neatly organised directory of free stuff”.

The New Spend Less Revolution

14th July 2006 – Rebecca Ash’s “The New Spend Less Revolution” (365 Tips for a Better Quality of Life while Actually Spending Less) book features as a tip to save money by obtaining freebies.

Webuser Magazine

16th March 2006 – Issue 131 of “Webuser” magazine featured in the “Get Free Stuff” article. A screenshot of our home page was included, along with a review. Here’s an extract from the article:

“There is a healthy number of categories to choose from on, the bulk of them including very useful links. Those who love having parcels drop through the letter box will head straight for the product samples section, where the usual suspects of free perfumes, shampoos and magazines reside.”

KMOV News 4

3rd November 2005 – On 3rd November, 2005, was featured on the KMOV News 4 TV programme, broadcasting from St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. The site made an appearance in the news segment “How to get free stuff on the Internet”.

Increase Your Web Traffic In A Weekend

November 2005 – was featured in the book “Increase Your Web Traffic In A Weekend” by William Stanek.


July 2004 – Issue 42 of “Webactive” magazine featured in the cover story article “Free on the Net! (Where to go on the Web for free goodies)”. A screen shot of our home page was included.

Internet Magazine

November 2003 – In November 2003, was featured as a recommended resource in the Internet Magazine cover story “Become The Ultimate Webmaster”.

The Good Web Site Guide

February 2003 – The Good Web Site Guide 2003 (written by Graham Edmonds), featured as a recommended free stuff site. We were also included in Graham’s 2004, 2005 and 2006 editions.

Internet Works

January 2003 –’s Free Message Boards category was included as a recommended resource in the “Internet Works” magazine article “10 Sure Fire Ways to Improve Sales” (issue 66).

.net Magazine

1st January 2003 – January 2003’s .net magazine recommended’s “Free Internet Access” category for visitors looking for a comprehensive list of free connection ISPs. Our site was included in their cover story “Bargain Hunters”.


18th September 2002 – In September 2002, was featured in “NetGuide”, a popular Australian Internet magazine. Issue 53 had the cover story “Free Ride”, which discussed the pros and cons of obtaining free stuff online. was suggested as a recommended resource in their corresponding article, “Something for Nothing”.

Net Crimes & Misdemeanors

August 2002 – In August 2002, was featured in the book “Net Crimes & Misdemeanors” authored by cyber-crimes expert, J.A. Hitchcock. Our Free Anti-Virus Programs section was recommended.

Cool FM, Los Angeles

15th March 2002 – was named on Los Angeles’ Cool FM (96.9 FM) as a “cool site”.

SiteProNews Site Of The Day

2nd January 2002 – On the 2nd of January, 2002, SiteProNews awarded their Site of the Day Award. Here’s what they said:

“There are a number of excellent Freebie sites on the Web but FreebieList lacks the aggravating pop-ups so common to many sites these days. Webmaster freebies include links to free fonts, clipart, web space providers, email services and more.”

Metro, Silicon Valley

27th September 2001 – Metro, a weekly newspaper from Silicon Valley, San Francisco (reaching over half a million readers weekly), listed’s “Free Webcasts” section as a recommended resource, along with various other popular sites.

InCite Magazine

1st September 2001 – In September, was featured in the Australian Library and Information Association’s monthly publication, “InCite”.

.net Magazine

September 2001 – was featured as a recommended resource in the September 2001 issue of .net magazine.

.TV Television Channel

1st May 2001 – was awarded “Best Site of The Month” on Sky’s .TV television channel. They said:

“We really loved the content on; it’s full of links to free stuff such as games, fonts, scripts, Web space and even ISPs. It’s well-written, easy to navigate and it’ll take you an age to look at all the content. It’s well worth adding to your bookmarks whether you’re a budding Web builder or a casual surfer.”

Virtual Frog Seniors Site Of The Week

9th April 2001 – The Virtual Frog “Seniors Site Of The Week” was awarded to They said:

“Here is another of the great freebie sites. You can get lots of samples from companies that will mail it directly to you. You don’t even have to pay postage! You will not want all the samples but hey why not try a few?”.

NetProbe Award

13th March 2001 – NetProbe awarded a Gold Site Award.

Majon’s Web Select Award

4th November 2000 – received “The Prestigious Majon Web Select Award” for quality content.

UK Searcher

1st November 2000 – On the 1st of November 2000, received the award for having excellent content and well-designed pages.

The Daily Telegraph

19th October 2000 – was mentioned in The Daily Telegraph newspaper article “Boot Camp Week: Pranks, hoaxes and scams”.

Golden Web Award

5th October 2000 – Presented by “The International Association of Web Masters and Designers” to those sites whose Web design and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving recognition.

The Eagle Rocks, Dallas

21st August 2000 – was named as “Today’s Online Pick” on the Eagle Morning Show (97.1 FM, The Eagle Rocks radio station in Dallas, Texas) with Chris Ryan.

El Mundo

1st August 2000 – was featured in the leading Spanish newspaper, El Mundo.

BBC Knowledge

July 2000 – was featured on BBC Knowledge “Net Review – Essential Web Sites”.

The Irish Times

Monday 3rd July 2000 – was featured in The Irish Times “Computimes” newspaper supplement.

Internet Monthly

6th April 2000 – was featured in the “Computing and Technology Top 10” category in Internet Monthly, a popular UK magazine.

World’s Best Website Award Nomination

7th March 2000 – On this date, was nominated for a “World’s Best Website” award.

Gary Craig’s Hot Site of the Day

10th January 2000 – was featured as a “Hot Site of the Day” by radio DJ, Gary Craig.

WebRatings Award

10th January 2000 – WebRatings awarded with their 4 Star Web site award.

Maximum PC Network Site Of The Day

20th December 1999 – On this date, was the Maximum PC Network “Site of the Day”. Our link was featured on their home page together with a brief review. Here’s what they said:

“If your wallet is feeling somewhat savaged by the onslaught of Christmas, take heart that the Net can provide a cornucopia of free stuff. is a comprehensive selection of groovy free things you can find around the Net.”

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