Free USA & Canada Samples

On this page, we list free samples for the USA and Canada. A varied mixture of freebies can be found online. This includes beauty products, baby stuff, food and drink, and more. And they’re all totally free of charge. Please note: we try and keep this section as up-to-date as possible. But due to high demand, companies sometimes run out of stock. If you find any extra freebies we can add here, please e-mail us and we’ll consider them. Likewise, please also contact us if you find any outdated links. Thanks!

Natural VitalityFree Natural Vitality Sample

Fill out the short form to claim a free sachet of Natural Vitality, “the anti-stress drink”. This soluble formula helps to restore healthy magnesium levels. You will also receive a coupon for money-off your next purchase. Natural Vitality’s online store allows you to purchase online. (U.S. Only)

IHOPFree Birthday Meal at IHOP

Sign-up as a member at IHOP to instantly qualify for free benefits, including a free meal deal on your birthday. In addition, you’ll also get a free stack of pancakes just for registering. Sign-up and after 24 hours you will receive your first freebie. Available to ages 13 and above. (U.S. Only)

BreatherightFree Breathe Right Lavender

Do you suffer from nasal congestion? Then try a sample of the new Lavender Nasal Strips from Breathe Right. They help to open your nasal passages, helping you to breathe more normally. There is a limit of one sample per household while stocks last. (U.S. Only)

Poise SamplesFree Poise Pad Samples

At this site, you can obtain sample kits from Poise, who provide absorbency products designed for suffers of light to moderate bladder weakness. To request yours, follow the on-site instructions. Please note: samples are limited to one pack per person while stocks last. (U.S. Only)

Vacations MagazineFree Issue of Vacations Magazine

Vacations is the magazine for new vacation ideas. It covers discount travel, undiscovered places, weekend getaways, romantic inns, adventure trips, family favorites, scenic drives, idyllic small towns, plush resorts, cruises, tours and more. To claim a free copy, complete the short request form and you will receive your trial issue. (U.S. Only)

50 and BeyondFree Travel 50 & Beyond Magazine

Written and designed specifically for people who are 50 years and older, Travel 50 & Beyond offers tips on getting terrific senior discounts on airfares, hotels, rental cars and attractions. It features top weekend getaway tips, beautiful driving vacations and irresistible undiscovered places. Receive a free trial issue with this offer. (U.S. Only)

AtkinsFree Atkins Quick Start Kit

Sign-up at this site to request a free Quick-Start Kit from Atkins. This kit provides all the information you need to begin losing weight the Atkins way. In addition, you’ll also get access to a free mobile app (available for most popular smartphones). (U.S. Only)

Depend SampleFree Depend Underwear Sample

Click to obtain a sample of Depend Underwear for men and women, a range of products to help those who suffer from bladder weakness. Various sizes are available – just select your size using the drop-down menu. The freebie will arrive in discreet packaging. This offer is only available to U.S. and Canadian residents whilst stocks last. (U.S. and Canada)

Acuvue TrialFree Acuvue Contact Lenses Trial

A great opportunity to try out contact lenses, or to change brand (if you’re already a contact lens wearer). Please note: this offer does not include fitting or examination fees. Register and take the voucher to your nearest participating optician. (U.S. Only)

TENAFree TENA Trial Pack

U.S. and Canadian residents can get a sample pack of TENA – products designed for bladder weakness. Canadian residents select the link at the top of the page; U.S. residents should scroll down to the bottom and click the button. Some money-off coupons are also available. (U.S. and Canada)

AstroglideFree Astroglide Sample

While stocks last, complete the form to request a free trial pack of Astroglide, a personal lubricant and moisturiser product. Limited to one per household. Visitors must be aged 18 or over. (U.S. Only)

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