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Save On Your Daily Caffeine Fix

If you’re a caffeine addict, you will have likely ventured into the various coffee shops that dominate the high-street. With countless varieties of coffee available, along with sweet treats, Wi-Fi and a warm, cosy environment, it’s easy to see the appeal of outlets such as Costa, Starbucks, Caffe Nero, and the like. But using these major brands for your coffee fix can prove expensive, especially if you use them on a daily basis. Read to find out some ways you can cut the cost and still get your fix:

Order tea instead

Tea is usually cheaper than coffee in the vast majority of shops. If you have no major preference between tea or coffee, opt for tea instead. It will still cost significantly more than a self-made brew at home, but you’ll save a bundle by avoiding coffee. Over the course of a week, this can amount to a welcome saving. It’s also worthwhile seeking out smaller, independent cafes, where you will no doubt find a cup of tea at a much lower price (it might even taste better, too!).

Invest in a flask

Rather than spending money in a high-street coffee shop, why not invest in a flask instead? This way, you can create your own hot drinks at home – just the way you like them. And what’s more, you’ll be able to use the flask wherever you happen to be: on the train, at work, on your lunch break, or anywhere else. Of course, you can always treat yourself to a coffee shop drink whenever you like, but the point is, you’ll instantly begin saving money.

Use loyalty rewards

Loyalty rewards are a great way you can save money on your daily coffee fix. The nature of each reward scheme can vary quite widely, and some shops will reward you more than others. It is recommended that you shop around to find the best deals. Enquire at your local coffee shop about a reward scheme, then get your card stamped every time you make a purchase. After a short while, you’ll be entitled to a free hot drink! Note: this tip is most effective if you visit a particular coffee shop on a regular basis.

Download the app

One way you can obtain the latest deals and freebies from your favourite coffee shop is to download their smartphone app. Most of the larger coffee chains have an app for Android and Apple iOS devices, but you’ll also find a number of smaller chains that provide this service. Once you’ve registered, you will often be entitled to money-off or, in some cases, a completely free coffee or treat.

Register for alerts

It can be well worth the effort registering for e-mail alerts. All the major coffee chains have an e-mail newsletter along with a social media presence, and the same goes for some of the smaller shops as well. Be sure to visit the outlet’s website to sign-up for e-mail alerts. Alternatively, follow your favourite brand on social media to be first to hear about the latest promotions.

Major retailer perks

Many large retailers can offer you free perks, such as a free hot drink if you’re a loyalty scheme member. One such example is Waitrose, who offer a free tea or coffee to members. You may be interested to know what department store giant, John Lewis has also been known to offer freebies to customers. Be on the lookout for promotions advertising free coffee at restaurants, bars, supermarkets, department stores, and similar.

Shop around

It goes without saying, but by comparing prices of hot drinks in your local area, you can save a bundle. Many fast food outlets or chain bakeries have highly competitive coffee prices – cheaper in many instances chain some of the more obvious brands. Likewise, you will likely find that backstreet cafes have excellent coffee at far lower prices, and you’ll be putting money into a local business – not a multinational enterprise.

Order a smaller size

Finally, if you wish to save money on your caffeine fix, why not simply order a smaller sized drink? It is often tempting to ‘go large’ for a little bit extra, but over time, you’re paying significantly more. Next time you’re about to order, consider opting for the smaller size. You may find it’s all you actually need!

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