Unique Ways To Make Money

When thoughts turn to making extra money, the usual suspects are often discussed: get a job, sell unwanted items, start a small business. But if you’re strapped for cash and want to try some new ways of making money, our tips below should provide unique and interesting ideas to get you started. While this is not an exhaustive list, it will give food for thought and inspiration for quirky money making opportunities. The only limit is your imagination. By the way, if you have any other tips, please suggest them by sending an e-mail and we’ll include them here.

Rent your driveway

If you are lucky enough to have a driveway or parking area spare, you can rent this out to commuters or anyone else who requires a space. In some areas of the country, parking is at a premium, especially in places in London. With “resident only” zones, congestion charges and the increasing cost of parking permits, people are only too keen to snap up discount parking. Numerous websites exist that let you advertise your driveway for sale. Some popular examples include YourParkingSpace, Park On My Drive and ParkLet.

Clinical trials

Perhaps not for the faint-hearted. Having said that, clinical trials come in a variety of forms. Clinical research companies and universities are only too keen to test their latest treatments, supplements, and medicines. Provided you fit the criteria, money can be earned for participating. In some minor cases, an element of risk will be involved, but these will be fully explained prior to the trials. Our recommendation: do solid research and don’t commit until you’re absolutely sure.

Get a lodger

Have a spare room in your home? Consider getting a lodger. It is probably worth asking around friends before advertising locally. For one thing, you’ll already have some idea over house sharing compatibility. Advertising in a local paper is one method to garner interest, especially if you cannot find anyone to share with, but finding somebody suitable can be tricky. Of course, the major benefit of taking in a lodger is the sharing of household bills. Just ensure you find the right person to live with.

Trade scrap

Metal is worth quite a bit of money, and if you happen to have any lying idle, this can quickly be turned into cold, hard cash. It is recommended that you conduct some basic research prior to scrapping. This way, you will be more familiar with the value of each metal type. Many people aren’t aware how valuable metal is, and by offering your services to scrap, you can earn a tidy sum. Take any scrap found to a local scrap merchant for a weigh-in and then reap your rewards.

Write a book

Fancy yourself as the next Dan Brown? Then consider writing a book. It doesn’t cost anything to start writing and an entertaining story could become a big hit. All that’s required is a solid idea and commitment to completing the task. With the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle, there are now even more reasons to get writing. Publishing can be done independently – just upload your book in the correct format and if accepted, it will appear on the Amazon website ready for Kindle owners to download.

Ironing service

Busy people often avoid the tiresome but necessary task of ironing. And if you’re particularly savvy with the iron, set up an ironing service. Many people will be only too happy to pay a small fee for someone else to do their ironing. Tried and tested places to advertise include work notice boards, supermarkets, local papers, and on social networking sites, such as Facebook.


The world’s largest video site, YouTube is a great place to earn additional cash. All that’s required is an Internet connection and access to a digital video camera. Even a smartphone camera is suitable, although for best results, ensure you film in High Definition. Monetising your videos is made easy, thanks to YouTube’s excellent online publisher panel. The greatest challenge will be attracting subscribers to your channel. So what types of videos can you upload? We recommend posting videos on a topic you’re knowledgeable about. The format could be product reviews, online lessons, fashion tips, health and beauty advice, car reviews – the potential is endless for this online money-spinner.

Take surveys

Completing online market research surveys for cash, vouchers and prize draw entries is a popular way to generate additional money. While you are not going to earn significant amounts, if you enjoy taking online surveys, the rewards can be worth the effort. A typical survey provider will work as follows: you complete surveys and earn points, which can then be exchanged for cash or vouchers. Most paid survey sites issue vouchers for popular online stores (such as Amazon), but some survey sites exist that make payments via Paypal or bank transfer. Examples include My Survey, Valued Opinions, Opinion Outpost and Global Test Market.

Virtual assistant

Put your admin skills to use and offer up your services as a virtual assistant. Many business owners don’t have the time to deal with everyday tasks like writing letters, arranging appointments, or dealing with invoices. As a result, they often outsource this work to a virtual assistant. Although some experience with administration is advisable, this is not essential. Establish your main talents and then pitch this to local small businesses You can also advertise on freelancing websites and offer your services to customers around the world!

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