Using Vouchers & Codes To Save Cash

These days, there’s no shortage of discounts, promotions and offers up for grabs. It seems everywhere you look, there’s a deal to be had. One popular way to save money on products and services is to seek out vouchers. With thousands of discounts available for websites, restaurants, and even high-street stores, it’s no wonder “couponing” has experienced a massive surge in popularity. In this article, you will discover the various ways to save money using vouchers.

The benefits of using discount vouchers

Spending time searching for a voucher can be well worth the effort. Nearly all popular retailers offer some kind of discount, and whether you’re visiting the supermarket, heading out to a restaurant, or shopping online, there are ample opportunities to bag a bargain. Typically, you’ll find promotions such as “5% off” certain lines, “free delivery”, “2 for 1”, and a host of other perks (such as a free dessert after your meal, or a birthday treat in your favourite restaurant). If you’re ready to buy, you can only gain by searching for a suitable voucher deal.

Traditional vouchers

Although the computer boom of the last twenty years has massively changed the landscape for vouchers, you can still find them in newspapers, magazines, or being handed out in the street. Traditional vouchers are in widespread use, despite a large amount of promotions now available online. It can be worthwhile browsing your local newspaper for deals, looking in magazines, or using the numerous promotional leaflets that land in your letterbox. In many cases, you’ll find freebies and plenty of other offers, too.

Printable vouchers

If you have access to a printer you can take advantage of the Web’s numerous printable vouchers. These are discount vouchers that you need to print out and then take to a retailer in order to claim. The range of vouchers varies considerably, from “50p off” deals for household products, free days out, to vouchers that can be redeemed for free samples. Popular restaurant and pub chains are well-renowned for their printable voucher deals and often serve up monthly offers, such as “2 for 1”, free desserts, kids go free, and similar promotions. Before you head out to a restaurant, visit the promoter’s website to view the latest deals, or alternatively sign-up to their e-mail newsletter to be alerted when fresh offers are available.

Mobile vouchers

An increasing number of companies are embracing the latest technology and using mobile apps to deliver discounts direct to your smartphone. So, if you find yourself visiting a particular retailer on a regular basis, or if you often visit a food or drink outlet for lunch, it could be well worth downloading an official app. In many cases, the company will provide a loyalty scheme, where you can gain discounts after accumulating a certain number of points. Typical examples of companies offering these services include Greggs, Starbucks, Costa, Nando’s, La Tasca Rewards, Waitrose, and many others.

Vouchers for product samples

Many stores offer free samples as a way to generate buzz around a new product. Often, these promotions can be seen in shops specialising in health and beauty products, but you can also find freebies in food outlets. While you can often claim a sample just by asking, some offers require you to present a voucher. Usually, you can register free of charge online and take this to a participating store or outlet. Keeping connected with your favourite brands on social media websites is the best way to keep updated with the latest sample offers. And, of course, you can visit for all the latest freebies.

Discount codes

Perhaps the most readily available type of discount voucher. Discount codes (also known as coupon codes and e-vouchers) have experienced massive popularity over the last few years. As such, dozens of specialist voucher code sites have cropped up, all vying for your attention. This is great news if you like to shop online.

A discount code is simply a sequence of letters or numbers. When buying an item online, you copy and paste this code into the “promo code” section of the checkout process. If you’ve included a valid code, the website will update the order total to reflect the discount. Voucher codes are available for thousands of online stores and by searching the Web for up-to-date codes, you can get money-off products, free delivery, bonus items, and lots more besides.

Things to be aware of!

Before taking advantage of a deal, we recommend you read the voucher terms and conditions in full. Nearly all vouchers come with small print, outlining any limitations, such as the closing date of the offer, the locations the voucher can be used at, or other restrictions.

For example, the terms and conditions may state that you can only claim the deal at a particular series of stores. Likewise, restaurant vouchers often restrict the days you can use the voucher, and frequently limit use to certain locations. If you happen to have multiple vouchers for the same retailer or restaurant, it is unlikely you’ll be able to use them in conjunction with one another. Therefore, ensure you read all the small print to avoid disappointment.

When it comes to using discount codes to get money off your online shopping, remember that codes have a limited shelf life and quickly become outdated. While valid codes are readily available, it is common to stumble across expired voucher codes, especially on voucher code sites. Additionally, while most online retailers accept some form of discount code, not every retailer will. Despite this, the majority of major online stores will have some form of voucher scheme in place and tend to update these on a monthly basis, depending on the nature of the promotion.

In summary

If like many people you like to compare prices and search for the best deals, vouchers are an easy and rewarding method to claim money off your purchases. The Internet is awash with voucher deals and by investing some time seeking out discount codes and vouchers, you can make valuable savings with very little effort. When combined with other money-saving methods, such as cashback websites and loyalty schemes, this can make a huge difference. Remember: before making your next purchase, check to see if any vouchers are available. Your wallet will thank you!

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