Wowcher: Get Daily Deals In Your Area

A highly popular daily deals site for the UK. Wowcher lets you hunt down discounted products and services in your local area. Deals can be found in all kinds of categories, including: shopping, home & garden, beauty, electronics, health, and more.

The types of deals available vary widely, but can include up to 50% off hotel stays, 30% off spa days, 2 for 1s at restaurants, etc. The site works on the principle of “group buying”, which means suppliers are able to offer discounts if multiple customers order within a particular time frame (such as all in a single day). By doing this, you can snap up some amazing bargains.

Part of the allure of this site is finding products, services or experiences that you haven’t thought about trying before. Just a quick browse through the pages will uncover some unique products and travel getaways, not to mention gifts for family and friends.

When you see a deal you like, the process works as follows: you click the “buy!” button next to the offer and complete the sale. After this, Wowcher will send you a unique code that you pass to the retailer to obtain your discount. In some cases this involves printing off the voucher, but, depending on the offer, you can also telephone the retailer with your code, too.

Please note: it is important to be aware of the fine print on each deal. Pay close attention to the voucher expiry date, otherwise you will not be able to redeem the discount. An app is available for your smartphone (Android and Apple’s iOS) so you can shop when on the move.

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