Free File Storage

Easy to use, accessible online and with plenty of space, online file hosting services are a great way to backup important documents on the Web. Better still, they are accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, meaning you no longer have to carry around a USB data stick. With so many useful features, including the ability to share your Web folders with friends and family, web storage sites are becoming more popular by the day.

  • provides 5GB of free cloud storage space with end-to-end encryption, offering a zero-knowledge storage solution for important documents, photos and videos. With dozens of features and sycronisation across devices, is one of the best providers we've seen to date. Read More...

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  • MediaFire


    With a massive 50 million users worldwide, MediaFire is one of the most popular online cloud storage services. Currently, the provider is offering 10GB free storage space with a 4GB upload limit per file, plus unlimited bandwidth and downloads. Read More...

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  • MEGA


    When it comes to cloud storage, security is one area where many providers fall short. MEGA, on the other hand, is one of the most security-conscious providers we’ve seen and provides end-to-end encryption and secure global access to all your important files. MEGA’s service includes a massive 50GB of storage space, completely free of charge. Read More...

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  • Amazon Drive

    Amazon Drive

    Do you need a place to keep your digital photos secure? Amazon Drive provides 5GB of free photo storage space, accessible anywhere from multiple devices. It's a quick and easy way to backup your files. Read More...

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  • pCloud


    These days, there are countless online file storage providers all vying for your attention. If you’re in the market for more cloud space, the lesser-known but feature-rich "pCloud" is certainly worth considering. They provide 10GB free storage and expand up to 20GB free if you refer a friend. Read More...

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  • Dropbox


    With over 300 million users worldwide, Dropbox is one of the most popular online storage services available. If you have not already considered using cloud storage solutions, this is a great way to get started. Dropbox lets you store files “in the cloud” - accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Read More...

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